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Our Systems

World class operating systems

Multiplant are proud to have been independently certified for our Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Systems that are uniquely tailored for the Australian resources sector, and developed by Multiplant staff members who possess decades of hands on experience in project execution. Our systems set us apart, are uniquely established at a quality level unseen in our market sector and destined to be reproduced by others in years to come.

Quality Assurance

At Multiplant we have fast developed a reputation for executing projects which have achieved exemplary quality standards while at the same time delivering projects on schedule and on budget. To ensure the achievement of these goals, Multiplant upholds a philosophy which represents the framework for how we approach and execute our work. This philosophy incorporates the highest standards of business management, ethics, project execution, and safety.

Our policies, procedures, and values are contained in our Project Execution Plans (PEP’s). These plans guide every employee and provides each client with industry-leading performance. They guide our project teams to ensure the constant application of Best Practices. PEP’s also establish a framework for project execution that can be specifically tailored based on project size and complexity. Each project is carefully and consistently monitored and controlled to meet established parameters, scheduling requirements, and reporting/communications obligations for both the client and Multiplant.

Multiplant’s systems and controls are supported by the following quality objectives:

  • Meeting the requirements of the client contract
  • Supplying quality products and materials which meet all customer and regulatory specifications
  • Implementing the same stringent quality assurance standards on sub-contractors and
  • Meeting government, company and individual requirements for OHS, environment and industrial relations

Financial Systems

At Multiplant we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver financial outcomes through systems, controls and processes. These include risk identification and control and stringent project management systems which utilise detailed resource planning and comprehensive 3 way cash flow forecasts.

Multiplant understands that financial disciplines are fundamental to delivering projects on schedule and on budget.